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human hair wigs


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I will say, I purchased bundles from this company in the past and I was not as satisfied the hair extensions uk quality however I took a chance based on the previous reviews and I will say, this brazilian hair bundles is very different this hair is amazing. The hair quality is similar to the $300-500 wigs out there. It's not really thick or thin, it's perfect if you want a "believable" look. I personally don't use brazilian hair uk for hairlines and I instead cut the lace completely off and leave an inch or so of my own lace wigs uk out in the front and wear it like a 3/4 wig. My natural hair texture is identical to this hair so it blends perfectly. I purchased 22 inches and it looks even longer which is awesome. I uploaded pics of the lace front part before I cut it off for anyone who wants to see it up close. And also the inside to see the 4 combs and the medium brown lace color. The pics of the human hair uk dry is from straight out of the box before I shampooed. You'll also see the length in the pics of it wet that I uploaded. It's simply beautiful, and I'm a bit of a hair snob so just buy it.